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Equipment Needed

Aquatic Boot Camp Gear

    Required Gear

  • Any pair of Goggles or mask
  • 5-10lb dumbbells for women, 5-15lb dumbbells for men
  • Workout clothes/tennis shoes (wear this over your swim suit)
  • Swim suit
  • Optional Gear

  • Pair of swim fins - $25 - Order Here (We do some drills with fins so we encourage you to have them)
  • Workout mat (optional)
  • Other Optional Items:

            Appropriate Swim Suit Attire

  • Men- Wear a pair of swim trunks.  If you would like to wear a t-shirt, that is fine.
  • Women- Wear a full one piece swim suit or wear a sports bra with some kind of shorts or swim trunks.  Anything but a bikini.