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  New Camper
Unlimited Classes
Consecutive Camper
Unlimited Classes
6 Month Option
Unlimited Classes
Price $149 $110 $100 a month
Payment plan available
Commitment 4 weeks 4 weeks 6 months minimum    
Unlimited Classes---
Attend any location while enrolled
Referral Policy---
Get a new camper to sign up and receive half off your rate. Get two new campers to sign up and come for free
Camp Savings  30% cheaper than the average competitior

Save 26% off  new camper price

 Save 33% off new camper price    

SGT. H2O Discounts

Use It Or Lose It Policy

What ages are appropriate for camp? We accept individuals that are 13 and older. A parent must sign the waiver for anyone under the age of 18.

Groupon and other coupons- You may only use one Groupon or other similar coupon once for this program. After that you need to sign up for one of our regular options. Thanks!