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About Sgt H2O's Aquatic Boot Camp

Sgt H2O's Aquatic Boot Camp does more than just get you in shape. We pride ourselves in providing cutting edge training techniques that increase your functional fitness level, build stamina, increase the rate at which you metabolize oxygen, improve swimming efficiency, and of course help you lose weight. Cross training is the key to never letting your body adapt to a certain exercise. With this program you will be challenged in a variety of ways- Swimming endurance, high repetition weight training, calisthenics in/out of the pool, treading water with weights, some running, and high intensity interval training. Sgt H2O's Aquatic Boot Camp will get you in the best shape of your life.
Participants should be somewhat comfortable in the water and be able to swim 50 yards (one lap) without stopping.  You can expect to burn anywhere from 500-1200 calories depending upon how hard you push yourself and how much you weigh.

About the Founder:
Justin Bradshaw is a former U.S. Army Deep Sea Diver.  He created Sgt H2O's Aquatic Boot Camp based on his prior military training.  As a diver in the Army Justin was tasked with missions such as underwater welding, underwater construction, search and rescue, mine/countermine operations, river reconnaissance, pipeline diving, and recovery. All of these jobs required the individual to be confident with his team, his gear, and his surroundings. Justin's goal with this program is to make you more comfortable in the water, learn teamwork, and get in the best shape of your life. Hooyah!